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Our building is located at 1408 S. Arkansas Ave Russellville, AR 72801. We have a nice lobby where parents can sit and watch their children from a large screen. We have cameras around the studio that forecast live on the lobby television. We have 3 studios and a nice area in the back where students can hang out! We have students who spend a large amount of time in the studio, and it is a nice place for students to enjoy the outdoors as they relax. We also have a kitchen area with a microwave, so you do not have to leave the studio on your lunch break!
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Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance. Through this structured class, students will learn proper body placement, gain flexibility and develop strength. This class will consist of barre and center floor work. It is suggested that every student at PPDC be in at least one ballet class.


Contemporary dance begins by taking traditional dance forms and bending the rules, which unleashes a freedom in movement and form. Rich in its emotionally driven storytelling, contemporary dance has a power to inspire artists to explore uncharted territory and unspoken truths.

Hip Hop

In this high-energy class, students will learn the basics of many street dance styles with combinations set to their favorite age-appropriate music. Students will benefit greatly from the isolation's, strength and flexibility required of this energetic dance style.

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1408 S Arkansas
AR 72801

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MON-THUR 4:00pm – 7:00pm

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A great place for your daughters not only do they teach dance but they give your children confidence.

Mary P.