Our Dress Code

dance ballerina dress code


Black Leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes; skirts and wraps are allowed but we must always be able to see the knees and ankles.

Tap Dance

Same as ballet with the addition of shorts over tights, but black tap shoes

Young caucasian Modern Jazz dancer in a black top and black pants on a white background displaying various positions. NOT ISOLATED

Jazz and Musical Theatre

Any type of form-fitting appropriate dance wear that covers the legs, such as jazz pants, tights, or leggings; leotards, sports bras or form-fitting t-shirt; and jazz shoes.

Pretty Girl Dancing Contemp and Ballet In Modern Dance Studio. Panorama, Empty Space for text

Contemporary and Lyrical

Form-fitting, comfortable dancewear and lyrical shoes.

Young urban woman dancing

Hip Hop

Tennis shoes and comfortable clothing

*Leotards, tights, and shoes will be available to purchase or order at PPDC.